Bible Asteroids!

This is the most exciting Bible game I’ve ever released. From your spaceship, shoot the correct answer (which is numbered in an asteroid) to win the round!

Optional, choose your preferred gaming screen pixel width:
1000, 800, 700 (computer default), 600, 500, 380 (mobile), 300.

How to play Bible Asteroids

Shoot at the asteroids with the correct answer. Correct answers will be rewarded (health, allies, points). Wrong answers cause enemy spaceships to enter the game.

Your controls

  • Aim with the mouse and shoot with left click or tap.
  • Keep the left mouse button pressed for longer fire.
  • Optional computer feature: Press spacebar for a hyper-jump to any point in space (your cursor position). You have a total of 13 jumps.

3 CPU ships

  • Red ships are enemies, and shoot at you. They get more powerful with each level.
  • Green ships are allies, and shoot at enemies.
  • Yellow ships are neutral and may turn to enemies or friends if hit.

If too many ships enter the game, they might shoot at random answers and make the game more challenging.

Credit: I’ve made several modifications (including using Bible questions) to this asteroids game, but the original quiz shooter was made by Oliver Guether.

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